Frequently Asked Questions About Hemp Products

Updated: Jun 4

At Elite Hemp Products, we are often asked about the use and effects of the different hemp oil products sold by us. If you are a first-time user or are just beginning to explore the world of hemp and its many benefits, here are some of the frequently asked questions answered. Hope these help you in understanding hemp and its products better!

Are Hemp And Cannabis The Same?

Hemp and cannabis belong to the same species of plants but from different strains. Hemp belongs to the Cannabis Sativa strain and has a very different set of applications from marijuana. Hemp and hemp oil products are mostly used for industrial purposes. It is also used for its health benefits without the associated high of marijuana.

Hemp doesn’t contain TCH which means there’s no psychotropic elements present in the products made with it.

Is Hemp Legal?

Absolutely yes!

There are no laws applicable currently that states that use of hemp candies, cookies or other products derived from the extracts of the plant is illegal. There is a certain stigma attached to the use of hemp products. It has also seen its fair share of difficult times and even a ban on its use. However, with more and more people awakening to the numerous health benefits of hemp oil, the stigma is slowly but steadily vanishing.

Will Hemp Products Make Me High?

One of the main reasons why many people are hesitant to buy hemp oil online is because they fear it’ll cause them to get high. However, hemp products made and sold by us at contain zero percent TCH.

This means that these products don’t have any of the psychotropic elements commonly found in recreational marijuana. This is the substances that causes people to get high. Since our hemp gummies, cookies and candies don’t contain TCH, there’s no chance of you getting high.

Will The Hemp Products Have Any Side Effects On My Body?

All products at Elite Hemp Products have been made after years of extensive research. They are completely safe for your body and there are no known side effects. Our products are made from organically grown plants. There is no use of herbicides and / or pesticides making our products free from any harmful toxins.

These are specifically made to benefit your body and mind, not cause any damage to them.

Where Can I Find Good Quality Hemp Oil Products?

Elite Hemp Products is the best place to buy hemp oil online. We have an extensive inventory of gummies, candies and cookies made from highest quality organic hemp oil. Available in a wide range of delicious flavors these are perfect for both seasoned users as well as beginners.

So, visit today and explore the wonderful benefits of hemp.

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