Elite Kids Multivitamin Pina Colada & Strawberry



ORGANIC HEMP – Our enriched vitamins contain 100% natural organic hemp. They are non-GMO, vegan friendly, and contain 0% THC, of course. Our vitamins are safe and ready for assimilation by the body to assure optimal benefits. Our vitamins are blended with pure hemp oil to enhance and support the body’s absorption process of the Hemp nutrition.BURSTING NUTRIENTS – Elite Hemp is a superfood, great in providing the needed vitamins and nutrients to our bodies. 
Elite hemp Multivitamins are enriched with essential fatty acids that have been proven to benefit mood health. It is designed to help you re-energize your mind, while helping you stay focused on your most important tasks throughout the day or relaxing for a great night’s sleep. The mood support takes effect in the body by utilizing the healing terpenoids within our hemp oil to regulate powerful neurotransmitters and help balance our moods.


MADE IN USA – Our hemp is grown in the U.S without pesticides and/or herbicides. We control the whole process to make sure our customers get only the best quality hemp products. We believe in our product; and our Mission has always been to offer the best hemp products nature has to offer, just what you would expect from your own garden.






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Weight 8 oz


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