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Updated: Jun 4

Hemp or Cannabis Sativa is a plant. This plant belongs to the family of Marijuana which is popularly known as a drug but also finds major applications in drug preparation. Though Marijuana is known to create a high in people who consume it or in its drug form known as Hashish, Hemp does not initiate such reactions when used. This is primarily because Hemp contains much smaller traces of THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol as compared to Marijuana or Hashish. It is this compound, THC, which produces a psychoactive chain of effects among human who uses such products.

Usually, hemp cultivation is mostly in the form of industrial hemp, and it is cultivated in prescribed settings as against the traditional way of finding the plant-based product growing only in the wild. This plant-based product has been in use for years in various parts of the globe including Central Asia, China, Europe, and North America. The hemp plant finds various uses such as extracting fiber, oils and use for creating useful drugs, among others. The hemp plant seeds are edible and are a rich source of the healthy Hemp Oil. The seeds contain almost about thirty percent oil and this oil is a rich source of magnesium, protein, and fiber. This oil is further used in a variety of products including paints, edible oils, soaps, and varnishes. Look for the hemp store near me and get the best products.

The hemp edible is a good source of various nutrients including various vitamins which are necessary for a human body. The edible hemp contains Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Omega 6 Fatty Acids, Vitamin E, Proteins, other polyunsaturated fatty acids, and various antioxidants including Iron, Zinc, Vitamin B, Magnesium, and other such important nutrients. These vital nutrients help in maintaining and developing the human body and mind in various ways.

Elite Hemp is an organization which believes that Hemp would be the latest discovery which can reduce all the pain, sufferings, and discomfort that the mankind has to suffer these days. That is the primary reason that Elite Hemp produces products using the best quality hemp oil extracted from organically grown and high-grade sustainable non-GMO hemp stock. The extraction follows environmentally acceptable solution to provide the best natural medicine and supplements to all those people who are in dire need to maintain their health and do better for the society. These products essentially try to improve the lives of human beings not only physically but also mentally by affecting the entire well-being of the individuals.

Health enthusiasts and lifestyle concerned people can vouch for an active and stress-free lifestyle once they start using these products on a regular basis. The company offers various products infused with the wonder component – hemp oil such as Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Tea, Energy Bars, Healthy flavored water, hemp seed butter, hemp hot dogs, hemp beer, hemp vodka, hemp milk, hemp granola, and hemp beanie. The company also offers lifestyle products such as hemp shoes, hemp jackets, shirts, backpacks, yoga pants, and various such items which are required on a regular basis.

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